Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Catching Up

Will I ever catch up? Life just keeps on going, faster and faster sometimes. So I guess I am not going to catch up and have to start fresh for this week or last. Then I can back track when we have time.

So I will just start back on Wednesday of last week it was Kendrick's first 1st grade Field trip to Granite Flats, that is up American Fork Canyon. I signed up to go, only 4 parents could go per class, so I thought I could make that happen. So off we go, Kale was going to Jan's to play until Chelsey could come down and get him and Makenna. Kale cried the entire time, oh my! Makenna was at school and was just fine, first time all year she hasn't asked the teacher when is my mom coming to get me (I guess because she knew her mom wasn't coming to get her). So thanks to Jan and Chelsey for watching the kids while I went to be tested. We loaded on the bus and headed up the road, I was instantly thinking why didn't I go get a Diet Coke this morning, there is no way I am going to make it all day. It was sooooo noisy and I had the most annoying girl in my group sitting right next to me. I though I was going to scream! Kendrick kept me happy though. We got there and heard a message from the Forest Service guy and then Smokey the Bear came to visit. It was fun to see all the kids play with him. Then we got to go on a HIKE. I had 6 kids in my group that I was in charge of in the forest for 2 hours. Our mission was to gather leaves, rocks, sticks, pine cones, anything they could fit in a Zip Lock bag. So off we went, I thought we can hike through the trees why stay on the main road. WRONG! Next thing I heard was a girl screaming at the top of her lungs I ran up to see what it was and she had walked into a swarm of BEES! I was pulling them off of her and pushing the other kids to run along she got stung on both ears, her cheeks and nose. I got stung on my thumb and cheek. Oh, it was bad, I had the rest of the kids to try to keep under control while I one out of her mind. So we followed the road back to the bus where the teacher was and passed her off to the teacher. What a great first impression on the teacher and the kids. Anyway we went back to hiking now more aware than ever of what was around us. Then we had school sack lunch - what an experience. Then off to play games a bunch of different ones it was fun. Then on to the bus again for a windey ride home. As soon as we got to the school I said to Kendrick ok, lets go. He said where I said the Mug Store NOW! He was ready too. It was a fun trip but not one I want to go on again real soon.

Thursday was a day to just veg and no nothing but ending up doing somethings I think kind of a blur. Cade called and said I had to do a Tupperware Party in his office first thing the next morning. So I spent part of the day stressing about that. Then we went and picked up my old bed from Brittney she was done with it so we set it up for Kendrick. Its a tall and heavy metal frame. Makenna really wanted to sleep with Kendrick in it. I was afraid they would both fall out. So we talked about it for a couple more days. But its fun to see that old bed again. Kendrick loves it. Oh, and I canned peaches too.

Friday Morning started out real good. Got the bathrooms cleaned before the kids woke up. Got everyone ready all cute for the day. Makenna was eating her cookies and milk and of course of all days to spill. CRASH!! all over her and the kitchen floor. I didn't have time for that and really didn't want make every ones day bad so I tried to keep it together. Makenna didn't want to wear anything else but the skirt she had on so I had to wash it real quick and tried to dry it in 3 minutes before we had to leave. Then the floor oh my! What a mess. We made it and it was fine. Don't cry over spilled milk. That just kept going through my mind. So off we were to the Tupperware Party, kids and stuff in tow. We got there and set up. I made salsa for all of the office I think I fed about 50 people. We made 3 batches and that still wasn't enough. I sold lots of stuff so it was a good day. We headed home to get here before Kendrick was home from school then I was off for a girls night out with Cameo. We went shopping at Ross spent 5 hours there and then dinner at Cafe Rio - oh that was good. Then we went to the Scrapbook Expo. It was so fun. So nice to get away from everything for awhile. Thanks Cade for letting me go and for taking the kids to the Elders Quorm Dinner alone. Thanks Cameo for taking me out.

So Saturday started with making Raspberry Jam. I haven't done that before but it turned out really good. Kind of excited about that. In the mess of all of that, the neighbor kid came over and was throwing peaches all of in the walk out basement entry. What a mess. I couldn't be too mad because I was too busy to stop him but also had no idea he had even done that. We played the rest of the day and then went out to dinner it was fun to go out with the kids. Taco Amigo we love that place.

Sunday was just another day, church at 11:00 is kind of different. This was Kale's second week in Nursery. He didn't stay, they said he cried until he was purple. . well that is normal for him. Anyway we will keep trying to get him to stay. If he could just have a nap before I think he would be fine. Just way to tired.

Monday started off with more canning Cameo and I did Pears. We did a bushel of them and got 34 quarts. They all sealed so that is a happy day. Makenna didn't have school because her teacher was sick so her and Kate played all day long and had a great time. Then off to Gymnastics at the Rec. Center. I think the kids are really liking it. They didn't like to stretch because it hurts the backs of your legs. But after Monday Makenna said it was really fun and I like to stretch. So we are making major progress. We went on a walk last night and we all had to wear a jacket. That is kind of fun but sad at the same time. The summer is gone! We have had a lot of fun this summer.

So today is Tuesday - we slept in until 8:00 nobody woke up. Kendick was going to ride his bike to school with the other kids in the neighborhood so it was easy to just take it slow today. We did some house work, played and didn't lots of nothing. Makenna has a make up day for school and Kale has been asleep for 4 hours so its nice and quiet around here.

What a boring life we lead nothing fun. Guess we better change it up a little.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Harward Cousin Camp

So the kids attended Cousin Camp at the Slacks this summer. The event started Sunday Night with an ice cream social and crafts. Then Monday was crafts, a picnic at the park and a hike up to the Water Falls. Later that night was dinner, crafts and a talent show and making humanitarian kits. It was a day full of activities. Then on Tuesday we went to the Care Center and sang a few songs and gave each of the people there a gift that the kids had made. It was so fun. The kids all had a blast. For the talent show Kendrick did a back flip on the Tramp and did some jumps on his bike. He was getting to BIG AIR! He had fun. Makenna danced with Kate and Hannah, she also did some tricks on the tramp. She had a routine all figured out on the Monkey Bars then got scared. The kids had decided they wanted special music for their parts, Kendrick wanted I Can Ride My Bike With No Handlebars, by the Flobots and Makenna wanted GLAMOROUS by Fergie. It was cute. then on Tuesday afternoon we went to Seven Peaks! What a great time we all had there. Cade took the afternoon off and came to play with us. The 3 days of cousin camp where a ton of fun. Thanks to Cameo and Jason for putting the event on for us.

This is a picture of all the Cousins who attended cousin camp. Sharay, Mason, Rachel, Makayla, Zoe, Kendrick, Reed, Hayden, Makenna, Hannah, Kate, Kale, Preslie, and Brady

This is at the Water Fall that we all hiked up to. It was really cold water but Kale didn't seem to mind.

Sharay, Rachel and Makayla singing under the Water Fall.

Makenna got brave and stood in the water for a minute.

This is Kendrick taking the jump for the Talent Show, he was getting some "Sick Air"

The Girls loved dancing.

Even Uncle Cade (Dad) took a turn at the Talent Show, he sang "There Goes My Life" By Kenny Chesney we all helped him out a little bit, what a good sport.

Reed and Makenna took at break at Seven Peaks for some string cheese and other snacks.

Kale had to take a break from the water for awhile due to a messy diaper! He had a blast.

We can't wait for Cousin Camp 2009! The kids talk about it all the time, they remember the songs, the crafts, things the kids said and did. What great memories. Makenna is still singing the Camp Song that Chelsey helped make up. I can only remeber bits and pieces, so for journal sake I will give it a shot.
The Boys slept on the tramp, the Girls slept on the lawn and sang a funny song. Cousin Camp, Cousin Camp we love Cousin Camp. Sharay make a turtle and named hers Murtal, Mason caught a fish and made a little wish, Cousin Camp, Cousin Camp we Love Cousin Camp. . . . I can't remember the rest but it was cute.
Thanks to all who made this a great memory for our family.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Dunn's Daily Not So Daily

Gosh it seems like forever since I have posted anything and come to think of it has been forever. The Dunn's Daily is not so daily at posting. Life just keeps on going wether I not I get around to posting anything. But I am going to make a challenge with myself to get caught up on this blog this week. I can't use anymore excuses, well I can but I really am going to work on it and still keep up on the rest of the house and life. Not sure where to begin but I will take a good look at our life over the last 3 or 4 months and get it posted on here.

The kids start Gymnastics tomorrow at the new Pleasant Grove Rec Center so that should be exciting. I will post on that soon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No Binkie . . . . . .

For a minute. Is seems like every picture we take of this cute kid he has a plug in his mouth. He really doesn't always have it in, just most of the time. I think it's just a security thing for him, I can't say blanket because he always has that with him too. What a kid.

Swim Lesson

Well swimming lessons went pretty well this year. Lots better than last year I will say that. Kendrick had a great time and really learned a lot. Makenna had a rough few days, she cried and cried until I was ready to cry myself. I did a little bit of bribing. I told her one day we could go to Wendy's and eat if she didn't cry. She did really good and held it together. The next day I told her we could get a Snow Shack if she didn't cry and again she didn't. By the third day she was just fine. So we finished the session and I hope she learned something too.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Summer Fun

We have gone to a few parades this summer. Strawberry Days, Richfield's 4th of July, and St. Anthony's 24th of July this kids love it. They have fun chasing all that candy. This year they decided to have a sell out in front of our house. They sold the candy they caught at the parade. The had a great time and could figure out 1 penny for 1 candy.

We have spent lots of time at the lake. This year Kendrick and Makenna have waterskied. They had fun. Kendrick wants to go everyday. Makenna isn't sure she wants to do it again right away but it was fun to see them out there for a change.

Coach Cade and Kendrick played coach pitch baseball they both had a lot of fun coaching and playing. Makenna and Kale did pretty good most of the time watching.

The Rodeo

We always go to the Strawberry Day's Rodeo if not for the entertainment for the Strawberries and Cream, they are so good. This year Kendrick really wanted to do the Muttin Bustin, Cade took him down early to see if they could get him on the list and sure enough they did but then right before it started he decided he didn't want to do that. We had a great time watching all of the events, Muttin Bustin, Wild Cow Milking, Cash Cow, and of course the rest of the Rodeo. The half time entertainment was the favorite. It was 2 guys with their Motorcycles and 2 big ramps. They would jump back and forth and do back flips. It was really cool. Kendrick was in heaven. We had a great time as always.